Wine pairing with duck

Wine pairing with duck

wine pairing with duck

wine pairing with duck

Wine pairing with duck? is question that comes up a lot on my WSET courses, a favourite of yours?

So while researching a wine pairing with duck recipe this week, we discovered a delicious recipe by Theo Randall on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen: Pappardelle with braised duck, peaches, cinnamon and cream (starts at 31mins 20 seconds – for ten minutes).

The ingredients are rich, including the pasta for which Theo explains that he uses 20 eggs yolks to make just 1kg of Pappardelle, so very rich! So let’s think about wine pairing with duck, because of its intense savoury flavour I would go for intensely fruity wines, but also in this case the dish just gets richer with the pasta ribbons, the cream, and the parmesan, strong flavours definitely.  The other notable ingredient is the peach, James Martin recommends white peaches if you can get them, so I am also thinking of the fruit flavour here too.

Wine Pairing With Duck

So wine pairing with duck, peaches, cream, cinnamon, and pappardelle for me is going to be a lovely ripe Viognier wine. So go for either a South of France or New World style, or if you are happy to spend more, then head to the Northern Rhone and Condrieu, Guigal’s 2010 is available at Majestic Wine.

Let us know how you get on?

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