Which wine course?

Which wine course?

wIne course

wine courses

Wine courses are available in all shapes and sizes, if you search for a wine course what are you hoping to find?

My interest was sparked by learning how to make the yummy drink (well maybe not the particular wine I made – actually far from it!) but during that wine course I found that although I had learnt a huge amount, I still knew just a minute amount. So I had spent a year on my wine course in New Zealand, pruning, building trellising, learning to drive forklifts and tractors, cleaning tanks and barrels, lab analysis of my grape juice, tasting faulty wines, to name just a small part of the Tairawhiti wine course. So by the end of that wine course I had made ‘wine’ but more than that I had started my journey of wanting the learn more and more, so where to look for my next wine course.

Back in London I signed up for the WSET Level 2 wine course studying with a friend who, to this day I will not forget, decided that she quite liked German wine after all. To me that was one defining moment of what learning about wine is about, challenging prejudices and discovering ‘new’ wines. For us that wine course was about a social ‘excuse’ but one that we learnt an awful lot on.

Many of the EDW students attend our Level 1 wine course as part of their employment training, but just as many are there self-funded because they just want to get a good foundation of knowledge and fill in some gaps. The Level 2 wine course is also aimed at potentially zero prior knowledge but builds further on the foundation particularly focusing on grapes and their main regions. The Level 3 wine course is for those building on Level 2  knowledge but still as much interest for those in the trade as the hooked-on-learning wine enthusiast.

So which wine course is for you, find out your level of knowledge by signing up to take our quiz here

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