Wine pairing with chicken curry – but what kind of curry?

Wine pairing with chicken curry – but what kind of curry?

Wine pairing with chicken curry, firstly I refer you to wikipedia which tells us curry is a Western culture generic term usually referring to various dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Southeastern Asia.

wine pairing with chicken currySo when I was asked to suggest a wine pairing with chicken curry, I had to ask what kind of curry?

So I went one better and said to my husband, Julie wants a wine pairing with chicken curry so please can you make me a chicken curry that I can try some wine with, I left the choice of dish up to him and I would then pick a wine pairing with chicken curry McDent.

So the dish I got was a rather delicious chicken thighs marinated in honey and curry powder and baked in the oven.

So what wine? I chose something nice and fruity with high refreshing acidity, lowish alcohol and no tannins. When wine pairing with chicken curry if you want to avoid any increase in the heat think about the fact that hot spices in food can make wines seem drier and less fruity, and particularly important warmer from the alcohol, this warmth combined with the warmth from alcohol means more heat! Also when pairing wine with chicken curry that  is actually curry with honey, I had to be careful with the honey reducing the fruit in the wine and potentially making the wine too dry and acidic. Finally I had decided that my wine pairing with chicken curry would be an English wine, thinking of lower alcohol, and better still a local wine and I knew just the wine for this …

The Beaulieu Vineyard 2010 White a wine of 11% abv from the vineyard at Beaulieu in the New Forest, Hampshire, which one of the oldest commercial vineyards in the UK planted for Lord Montagu in 1958. None of the original vines are still there but the eastern half of the vineyard has vines that were planted in 1972, the varieties are Reichensteiner, Muller Thurgau and Huxelrebe, the western half of the vineyard was replanted 10 years ago with one of my favourite varieties Bacchus.

The vineyard is now managed by local winemakers: Jeremy Broyd, formerly a vineyard owner and winemaker in Bergerac and Roger Marchbank of The Coach House Vineyard inWest Wellow.

For further information or to purchase this lovely dry crisp acidity wine with flavours of citrus, green, and stone fruit, plus lovely a herbaceous character, contact or call 01794 323345.

And for more information on wine pairing with chicken curry, or any other pairings why not join us for a course or tasting?

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