About wine

About wine

Learning about wine never stops, and Helen and I had a wonderful evening last night learning about wine with Dorset wine importer Templar Wine.

About wineEnjoy Discovering Wine run the majority of their wine courses in Dorset at the Bournemouth University, and so it was wonderful to be a part of the audience and learn more about wine offerings in Dorset.

Templar Wines is based in Poole, and they gave us a wonderful overview of tasting and a wealth of tips and anecdotes about wine, and the business of wine. Last night we tasted three wines from a South Africa producer all retailing at around £7.00 a Sauvignon Blanc, a Pinotage Rose, and a GMV Red, all very pleasant fruity wines. So what did I learn about wine last night, for me it was watching the participants and their definite likes and dislikes, we have them, that is how we are made, but it still fascinates me to see how people react firstly to wines they think they will not like, but then to when they taste them, rather than drink them, they then have a change of opinion.

So what did I learn about wine, well I learnt that I very much liked Jeff’s fourth wine Bodegas FOS Rioja Reserva – 2006, and that it doesn’t matter how much someone knows about wine they will still have opinions that will sometimes need a lot of changing. But that is the fun challenge teaching people about wine, find out what you like and why … then if you wish explore further.

Want to learn more about wine, and teach me more about wine too, we have just listed all our courses for the rest of this year, and some beyond. Study in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, and/or Dorset.


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