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BYO wine pairing – MasterChef challenge

BYO wine pairing – MasterChef challenge

MasterChef winner

I am very lucky that we have a wonderful BYO wine restaurant in

Lakaz Maman BYO wine heaven

Shelina Permalloo – MasterChef Winner- Lakaz Maman founder and owner

Southampton Lakaz Maman. The name translates as ‘Mum’s House’ and the owner, Shelina Permalloo, was the winner of the BBC MasterChef in 2012.

I have been a few times but went for lunch with two dear ‘foodie’ friends Tina and Michael, oh and the husband came too, and this is Michael’s report.

BYO wine – making it affordable!

“Shelina is very hands-on and can be seen in the restaurant and in the kitchen. They do not sell alcohol but charge a reasonable £5 per bottle for corkage [a wonderful opportunity for us to go crazy-ED]. Tina and I brought a bottle of Bollinger La Grande Année 2005. But as the restaurant did not have any Champagne flutes, we popped next door to a charity shop and bought four flutes for £3. It just didn’t seem right to drink such a magnificent bottle of Vintage Champagne from water tumblers! There is also an excellent off-licence a few doors away with a very knowledgeable owner.

BYO wine – food pairing

“The food at Lakaz is Mauritian. This island in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa was discovered by the Arabs more than five centuries ago but has been colonised by the Dutch, the French and the British before gaining independence in 1968. So perhaps unsurprisingly, Mauritian cooking is an eclectic mix of European, Arabic and Indian / Oriental cuisine. There are a lot of chillies, coconut, citrus, garlic, and coriander in the cooking. I am sure that there are many other herbs and spices that I have missed out. We had a dozen items from the menu and all the spices and herbs were perfectly blended in harmony without anything overpowering. [So hard to choose but my favourite dish is the Prawn and Fennel Croquettes, see the menu here.-ED]
BYO wine - eclectic mix

Three different wine styles, all working beautifully with the Mauritian dishes

BYO wine – splashing out!

“As well as the aforementioned Champagne, we had a Schlumberger Alsace Grand Cru ‘Kessler’ Pinot Gris 2006, lots of bottle development added lovely honey and dried fruit flavours, so fabulous with the spicy food. Erica also brought a very juicy 2014 Pinot Noir from Harewood Estate’s F-Block, Great Southern, Australia. [A lovely compliment to all of the dishes, a perfect trio of wines-ED].


BYO wine – highly recommended

“It was a lovely informal place with excellent food and very cordial service. The denizens of Southampton are lucky to have this restaurant in their city.”


Michael Li and Erica – 24 May 2017
PS I am heading back there early June, time to ponder my BYO options-ED
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