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Taste in wine—let’s get personal!

Taste in wine—let’s get personal!

Taste in wine—personal preferences

This weekend was a stark reminder of how absolutely personal wine is to people. My husband and I visited two friends and between the four of us we could not have been more varied in our wine tastes.

Taste in wine—fruity but dry

One of our friends likes really fruity whites, she thought she liked medium-sweet wines but we worked out that in fact it is a dry and very fruity wine that she prefers; I took Isabel Sauvignon Blanc for her. Her partner, however, prefers beer but will drink a sweet wine. I have vivid memories of him happily clutching a bottle of the Sauternes we provided at our wedding. I took him Fareham Wine Cellar’s Salice Salentino Dolce.

British wine

British wine

Taste in wine—medium-sweet reds

In addition they both told us that they had recently discovered that they like English red wine, which took me a little by surprise, plus I didn’t have any to hand. No problem they said they have some, I was extremely curious.

On arrival our friends’ quickly presented their latest vinous discovery, which was not in fact ‘English’ but ‘British’ red wine; this made more sense now knowing their usual tastes.

The wine, being British, was made from imported grape juice and the 11% a.b.v. level also made it clearer why they like this, it was definitely of medium-sweetness, and quite fruit-juice like. I explained (English wine producers’ will be pleased to hear) that it was British, not English, and why.

Taste in wine—sweet tooth

The star of the weekend though for me was the sweet wine from Azienda Vitivinicola Francesco Candido in Puglia. It was their 2004 Salice



Salentino Dolce DOP, available from Fareham Wine Cellar. Sue was not to be convinced, even when tried with some Hotel Chocolat treats, fair enough, each to their own, plus more for the rest of us.

The wine is made from the Aleatico grape and was made under the Salice Salentino Dolce PDO rules, so it had to be at least 85 per cent Aleatico, with Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Primitivo being the others permitted. The wine tasted of ripe cherries, spicy, floral and chocolatey. These intense flavours, the high (14.5%) alcohol, and the high acidity all beautifully balanced the 140 grams per litre residual sugar.

Taste in wine—destination Puglia

My husband is not a sweet wine drinker but he was wowed; which is pretty handy as a whole 50cl bottle is just too much for me, and guess where we are off on our holidays in October, cin cin!


by Erica Dent – September 2017

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