EDW Wine Club – Valtellina wines

EDW Wine Club – Valtellina wines

EDW Wine Club – Valtellina… yum yum!

Last month (March 2018) the Enjoy Discovering Wine (EDW) Wine Club at The Corner House, Winchester was hosted by Club member Fabrizio de Liberali, of FabWines, We had the opportunity to hear about his high-end Proseccos and having had the pleasure of visiting the wineries and tasting with him, I already knew that they would be fabulous.

The second part of the evening was an insight into the wonderful wine region of Valtellina, where we were treated to the some of the best

Fab Wines - Valtellina

Fab Wines – Valtellina

Riserva wines… and a few extra treats!

For those of you that were not able to join us here is some more information about one of my favourite wine regions of all time!

Northern Italy, Alps, south facing, terraced vineyards, UNESCO World Heritage Site, get the picture?

Key facts: The main grape is Nebbiolo is locally known as Chiavennasca of which there are many clones. Rules state the wines must contain at least 90 per cent but most wine are 100 per cent.

Geographical wine areas


Valtellina Superiore refers to the vineyards best exposed and sunny area between the town of Buglio in Monte and Tirano, with 215 hectares and a maximum production of 8 tons per hectare.

Minimum 12% abv, minimum of 24 months of aging, including at least 12 in oak barrels.

“Riserva” In certain vintages, with minimum of 36 months of aging.

The Valtellina Superiore DOCG can also have the names of five subzones; geographically different areas of production going up the Valley from West to East:

Sassella is the historic and perhaps most famous Cru of Valtellina Superiore extends between the town of Castione Andevenno and the territory west of Sondrio, provincial capital (114 hectares). A barren and sunny, whose name probably derives from the eponymous Marian shrine located on scenic cliff of Sassella.

Inferno the subzone, with a name as unique as it is fascinating, originates probably from the rough edges of small terraces of vineyards, located between Poggiridenti and Tresivio. Inferno is the smallest of the Sub-denominations, located just east of Grumello 55 hectares planted.

Grumello It is produced on the North East of the town of Sondrio (with an extension of the vineyard of 78 hectares) and takes its name from Grumello Castle, overlooking the Valley from the 13th century.

Valgella is the largest among the subzones of the Valtellina Superiore and is located in the municipality of Teglio and Chiuro. Looks like a large rocky promontory facing South on which grow vertically 137 hectares of vineyards planted with Nebbiolo. The name Valgella originates from “Valgel”, dialect word indicating small streams that descend from the Alps up to the valley floor.

Maroggia Is the latest recognition area (2002) located in the municipality of Berbenno in Valtellina. Produced in limited quantities (25 hectares of vineyards), wine Maroggia is related to the figure of Benigno De ‘ Medici in the mid fifteenth century found here hospitality and refreshment.



2) SFORZATO DI VALTELLINA DOCG (made in all the above areas)

Minimum 14% abv, and 20 months of aging in wood and bottle. Made from grapes dried on racks (losing around 30 to 40 per cent in weight – think Amarone!).


From the lower slopes 200-300m. Six months ageing, early drinking wine.


Red, rosé, white, sparkling, dry and sweet. Allows all the Lombardy permitted grapes.

The Club members were lucky enough to be able to compare the following wines:

Valtellina Superiore Riserva DOCG

Sassella Riserva 2010 – Menegola
Inferno Riserva 2013 – Rainoldi
Valgella Carteria 2010 – Fay
Grumello Riserva 2010 – Rainoldi

Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG
Sforzato Ca’ Rizzieri 2013 – Rainoldi

Plus two extra treats from Fab

Barbaresco 2008 – coming from one of the best crus of Barbaresco (The Basarin vineyard)

and the exceptional…

Inferno Riserva 2000 – Rainoldi

Prosecco Superiore di Valdobbiadene DOCG

Brut Millesimato San Gregorio

Extra Dry Tanore’

Superiore di Cartizze DOCG

Cartizze Tanore’ Dry


What a wonderful night!…  ‘please do search out Valtellina wine, it is amazing!’

Fab is keen to share his wines with other evenings (he has a huge set of amazing pictures to share) and he has just given me this discount if you want to buy and share his wine with friends and family…

“2017friends” 10% discount on several products for a minimum spend of £50

Erica Dent – 8 April 2018

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