Mike Peters - EDW Club Member

Mike Peters – EDW Club Member

When you signed up for the EDW Alumni Club what did you want to have happen?

To keep learning about the wonderful world of wine, to continue trying new wines in the company of like-minded individuals.

It’s great to meet other members who have also obtained their WSET qualifications from all walks of life but have a shared passion to continue to learn and discover more about wine in a relaxed and informal environment.

Each month’s event is a different wine theme and has been as  diverse as wines and regions of Chile one month; to English Sparkling; and wines of Northern Rhone (a particular favourite of mine!) where we got to try a selection of wines from smaller, local vineyards that Erica and Sara (EDW Club Member – The General Wine Sales Director) had visited on their recent holiday.

At each event we get to taste and discuss the wines between the group, whilst Erica is on hand to fill in with insights and knowledge on each of the wines. The monthly Alumni events are a great way to continue to learn more about wine and all that it involves in a relaxed non classroom environment.

Every month I learn something new and interesting that keeps my passion for learning even more about wine. Equally interacting with others who are working their way through or have completed the higher levels of WSET 3 and 4, keeps me thinking about achieving my next level.

This month we covered Sherry and food pairing, that was like what?

Sherry night - EDW Alumni Club

Sherry night – EDW Alumni Club

This theme was one I was keen to attend, to help understand and appreciate the much misunderstood world of Sherry! Matching the driest and sweetest Sherries and all the stages in between with food items to compliment the Sherry and the food. Although I still have yet to fully love the dry end of the spectrum of Sherry, when matched with the right food it certainly showed how these particular Sherries can work. However, the in-between Sherries, particularly the Palo Cortado, was a revelation and is now a firm favourite.

And what would you say to someone who has their WSET Level 2 Award in Wines about joining the Club?

To definitely come along and try it out, not only will you get to learn about, and try, some excellent wines, you get the benefit of Erica’s vast knowledge on the subject. It’s a very informal friendly environment, but it’s nice to be able to learn but not have a test at the end, 🙂

You do, however, get to meet and chat to plenty of other members that are WSET Level 3 and above, or in the process of studying who will definitely inspire and encourage you to continue your studies.