Enjoy Discovering WineEach month Erica interviews a former student of Enjoy Discovering Wine. This month’s interview is with WSET Level 1 student – Natasha Mundy

When you signed up for the WSET Level 1 Award in Wines course what did you want to have happen?

I signed up to the WSET Level 1 to gain a better insight into wines. I wanted to learn more about different grape varieties and regions. Usually I only drink red and I wanted to discover other wines that I would enjoy. WSET Level 1 was to see if I enjoyed the course before pursuing WSET Level 2 and then hopefully WSET Level 3. During the course we tasted a few white wines and dessert wines and I discovered I enjoy Chardonnay from hot climates. I really liked the tropical fruit flavours and have bought a few different bottles since the course to try.

I also learnt about food and wine pairings and the effect each have on each other. I found this part of the course most interesting and have tried to put it into practice ever since. I’ve not always got it right but I’m enjoying the process! I found that with some practice I can start to taste and smell the components that go into the particular wine I’m drinking. And I’ve really enjoyed learning the skills involved in tasting wine.

I think WSET Level 1 gave me a great insight into wine as well as food pairings. I’m looking forward to doing WSET Level 2 hopefully in the New Year and learning more. Maybe eventually I could use the skills to pursue a career in the future. However, I don’t really know what jobs are out there! Possibly a career in a vineyard or within the business side of producing wine!

I’m more open now to trying different wines with food and will look at what is suggested alongside dishes on menus. I try and remember what I learnt from the course and will base my wine choices on what I am eating!

I’ve been to a few tastings since the course to learn and try as many different wines as I can.  I went to the Fairy Lights and Fizz evening at Hambledon Vineyard. Also my local independent wine merchant has regular wine tastings on Saturdays. Now I understand what they are talking about with the taste of the wine such as tannins etc and what I’m tasting and the basic grapes that make up different types. I feel more confident discussing wine with others and open to trying any new wines I may not have previously wanted to drink.

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up for the WSET Level 1 in Wines course?

I would say definitely do it! Especially if you want to just have a basic knowledge of grape varieties and what you’re tasting. It’s opened my eyes and made a massive difference to what I drink and how I choose wine. I think it’s also a really good stepping-stone before WSET Level 2 and I’m glad I did this instead of going straight into the Level 2.


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