Enjoy Discovering WineEach month Erica interviews a former student of Enjoy Discovering Wine. This month’s interview is with former WSET Level 2 student – Elles Van Genugten.

When you joined the WSET Level 2 in Wines and Spirits what did you want to happen?

For some time now, I wanted to improve my very basic knowledge of wine (for several reasons).  I contacted the WSET because I wanted a serious approach. I saw the WSET Level 2 course as a first stepping stone into gaining a thorough knowledge of wine, both theoretical (regions, grapes etc.) and practical (tasting). After some research on wine education (through Jancis Robinson’s website) WSET came out as the organisation that could give me what I was looking for; serious schooling in wine, step by step. The Enjoy Discovering Wine website had a friendly look, they seemed very experienced, approachable and easy-going and moreover, they had great reviews. Plus I liked the fact I could do the course over consecutive days as I had to travel from Munich.

I wanted to come out ‘on the other side’ knowing much more about wine than I did going in. And I do! To prove it you can see the direct result in my bank account, ha ha, as I now feel the irresistible urge to buy lots of classics to try them all out!!! More books etc., etc.,  help!

How have you used your WSET Level 2 in Wines and Spirits since finishing the course?

Since the course, needing more tasting practice 😃, I bought examples of styles that I would not normally, such as oaked Burgundy Chardonnay or a Viognier from the south of France and, moreover, some New World wines from the quality regions we discussed in class, such as Pinot Noir from the US. Wow to the latter! There are too many… ha ha. Now I feel as if I am standing on the doorstep of a new exciting place and am very ready to explore it further.

On a practical level I have tried new and different wines and am buying in a more adventurous way over the last few weeks (and became far more aware of what I am tasting and trying. I need more practice!). Also, I started reading various books on wine (normally I read about food and up till now thought reading about wine was boring).

Going forward our family owns an old Vicarage/Rectory in the countryside, with… a wine cellar! In the old days the Catholic priests here were the only ones in the region with such facilities; unfortunately it was completely empty! But I now need to get rid of the bottles that have gathered there over the last few years (I can’t call it a collection, there’s not enough of it and definitely there was no proper ‘collecting knowledge’) so clearing out the stuff that won’t be good and those for drinking soon (now a much easier task, thanks to Erica’s tutoring) with some friends and family to help me with this strenuous work😉😂

What would you say to someone thinking of studying for the WSET Level 2 qualification?

I would highly recommend this course, it is fun, very educational and lovely to meet a bunch of new people to share the experience with. Erica is a very relaxed and a totally skilled and experienced tutor. I am very happy having booked here! Too bad there is no WSET Level 3 on consecutive days at Enjoy Discovering Wine.


If you are interested in signing up for a course with Enjoy Discovering Wine, please email our Course Administrator.