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Food and Wine Pairing!

Each month, Erica interviews one of Enjoy Discovering Wine‘s former student’s and the article is featured here. This month Erica has interviewed Helen Marsh who attended one of our fun Food and Wine Pairing Courses.

When you signed up for the Enjoy Discovering Wine (EDW) food and wine pairing course what did you want to have happen?

I decided to try the EDW food and wine pairing course to help me gain a better understanding of how food brings out the different characteristics of wine so that my choices of wine can be more varied rather than sticking to the same old safe favourites, such as Malbec with red meat Sauvignon Blanc with almost everything else (not breakfast or pudding ….usually!)

We had lots of fun experimenting with lots of flavours, for example salt, sugar, chilli etc., and the effects that they have on how we taste different wines so that when pairing food and wine it’s more about the flavours that are added to meat or fish rather than the meat or fish. So now I understand that a nice bold Chardonnay goes very well with a steak and that some red wines go equally well with fish and chips.

The day was interesting and informative with great wine and food combinations and a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to being more adventurous in my choices of wine with food. We were welcomed to the course with a lovely glass of English sparkling wine. We went on to try seven different wines with some very nice cheese, I especially enjoyed this with a sweet Argentinian Malbec, this was an excellent wine that I had never tried before and I will definitely be looking out for that in the future. We also tried a beautiful Amarone which went very well with the lovely steak and chips as expected but the Chardonnay that we tried was also a very good match. We had a very nice Riesling by Dr loosen very refreshing and a good match to the lemon dessert.

It’s very useful to know some alternative great food/wine matches and now I have the confidence to select different combinations which makes mealtimes far more interesting for my family and friends.

And what would you say to someone that has already studied their WSET Level 2 in Wines and Spirits but is thinking about this course?

I would say sign up for this fun course, Erica and Helen are on hand to share their vast knowledge of wine and there is lots of opportunity to try some interesting, great quality wines and good food in a relaxed environment without the pressure of an exam at the end of it.

Future Food & Wine Pairing Courses

If you’re interested in coming on one of our Food & Wine Pairing Courses, then have a look at our Events Page for upcoming dates.