Do you want to increase your wine sales AND impress your customers?

Are you frustrated by the wine sales within your restaurant? You have top-end wines available and yet your customers don’t buy them. What if you had a team of confident staff, staff who can discuss, recommend, and sell your premium wine? Would that help your role and your business?

Working within the hospitality industry, delivering high standards of customer service is the biggest priority. Deciding to attend wine training courses will allow your staff to confidently talk about wine to your customers. Leading to an increase in sales of the more expensive wines, bringing more profit into the business and a bigger buzz for you and your team.

First class wine training

Enjoy Discovering Wine deliver WSET® Wine & Spirit Education Trust training courses. Our courses are recognised all around the world, are certified by the UK Government, and are vital for staff who want to excel in their work in hotels, bars, and restaurants.

The WSET was founded in 1969 and is now the largest global provider of high quality education and training in the field of wines and spirits. WSET courses range from basic wine knowledge through to specialist awards.

Tailored Courses

Enjoy Discovering Wine are happy to tailor the WSET courses to meet the individual needs of your business, and run the courses as WSET in-house training. We can tailor the course to use your wine list, and give priority to the premium days early in the week when service is less busy.

Contact us today to check availability and discuss your individual requirements.


We are so confident in our expert tuition that attendees of this course will pass the examination. If they do not we guarantee a free re-sit until they do.

WSET in-house training

WSET in-house training at Brasserie Aviator

WSET® Level 1 Award in Wines

One-day wine course designed for beginners with no previous wine knowledge or training. The aim of this course is to provide staff with the confidence to discuss and recommend wines to customers that will complement and enhance their chosen meal.

The course also takes a detailed look into food and wine pairing by considering the characteristics of the key grapes and how they can be enhanced by pairing them with the correct style of dishes. There will also be an opportunity to sample a variety of wines in different styles to enhance the learning.

WSET® Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits

Three-day course will provide staff with a greater breadth of knowledge than studied at Level 1. Level 2 will also give them the chance to sample approximately 40 wines from around the world. Students who study to this level will have an extensive understanding of wine. This will enable them to discuss, recommend, and up-sell wine in a confident and professional manner.

Course Aims

The aim of these courses is to provide staff with the confidence to discuss and recommend wines to customers that will complement and enhance their chosen meal. The structure of each course introduces the student to the key grapes and their individual characteristics. Feedback from other students tells us how the skills they learnt on this course has made their role in a restaurant more enjoyable and has given them the confidence to up-sell wines thus increasing the wine sales within the business.

To learn more about the key benefits to the the business, please go to our Benefits to running WSET in-house training page.

WSET in-house training – Tutors

Your Tutors – Erica Dent and Helen Evans,  have many years experience within the wine industry.   To read a short synopsis on each Tutor please go to the Enjoy Discovering Wine Team page.  Both Tutors are excellent educators who will make your course easy to understand and fun.  Enjoy Discovering Wine were winners of the Riedel/WSET Educator of the Year Award 2013.

To read more about Erica’s qualifications go to Erica’s Credentials Page.


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