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Students – Why Study for WSET?

We understand that as students you are already busy with your existing timetables.  However, at Enjoy Discovering Wine we have designed our courses to run alongside your ongoing studies.

The benefits of this training to you are:

– tutored by WSET/Riedel Educator of the Year 2013 to ensure high pass rates

– official qualification offers credibility and makes your CV stand out.

– courses designed to include role play, giving you the opportunity to practice the skills you will use in the workplace and grow your confidence

– studied at the weekend so you can fit it around your timetable

– student discount – click here for details

– our courses are FUN!  Where else do you get to taste wines and spirits all day and walk away with a qualification at the end of it?

But  don’t just take our word for it.  This testimonial from former WSET Level 2 student – Kirsty Denyer, sums up the reasons to study for WSET perfectly:

“Getting WSET in my CV was absolutely essential in my career change. I had worked in Finance in the City for 5 years and had been looking into wine industry jobs for a while before signing up the WSET Level 2 course. The course was excellent – it was a really logical approach, started from the bottom up (there were no stupid questions) and offered great tasting experience. Putting it on my CV showed employers that I was willing to spend my own time and money pursuing a career in wine and I really don’t think I would have been offered an interview without it – it is an industry where lots of work experience, from the shop floor up, is very highly valued. I didn’t have much relevant experience so getting a WSET qualification was definitely the key factor in my successful career change from finance to wine. In this economic climate, with jobs so hard to come by, taking the time to complete a professional qualification like WSET alongside your university qualification is really important to make you stand out from the competition.”

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  1. juanita moseley-wiliams says:

    hi – I would like to do the level 2 WSET at winchester in january please ring me regarding this on 07769 170 465 thanks

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