With consumers increasingly clued-up about wine, it is ever more important to educate your front-of-house team with staff training in wine. We offer your business enjoyable, confidence-building, UK Government recognized, succinct training courses for your staff.Staff training in wine

Two of the most important influences on your customer are the environment of your establishment and the service provided by your staff.

With the public eating out more thriftily, and being choosier about where they spend their money, it makes it all the more important that your staff are confident and communicative in the products they are selling, and motivated to do so.

We recognize that this is a time that there is perhaps a need to cut costs, and the training budget is often an easy one to slash. But do not think of your staff, and training them, as a ‘cost’ but an ‘investment’ that needs to be protected. If your team feels that they face an uncertain future, they could lose self-belief which could be transparent to your customers.

Focused and relevant staff training in wine can boost employee morale filling them with enthusiasm, even those who do not drink, or even like, wine, thereby giving them the self-esteem to recommend wines, and food and wine matches, and in the long term saving money by potentially improving staff retention.

Following consultation with the drinks industry, the WSET Level 1 Award in Wines was tailored to its needs. Since the qualification’s inception in 2003, it has seen a phenomenal uptake by the trade and, interestingly, the consumer.

It is simple, straight-forward and a perfect introduction to wine, giving your staff the know-how to engage with customers, even if it is just to have the confidence to say, ‘Try this one, I like it’.

The course takes just one day. The wines, venue, food, glasses, and training equipment can be provided by you, so keeping the costs to a minimum. Your staff will gain a UK Government qualification, but more importantly, by using your wine list and menu as part of the staff training in wine, they will have the skills to provide recommendations with self-assurance.

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Having met Erica whilst studying for the Intermediate WSET qualification; we approached her to do some bespoke training for our bar and waiting staff on the basics of wine and other training specific to our list. We had opened our gastro-pub and cocktail bar a couple of months previously and we found the training Erica designed for the staff clear, comprehensive and delivered in a way that made the subject of wine, and our extensive list, more accessible and understood to all of them. All the support we needed was there and follow-up support since the training has proved really helpful in cementing their knowledge.
Aly Hillier, Operations Director 580 Ltd
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