WSET Educator of the Year

WSET Educator of the Year

WSET Educator of the Year Winner!


 WSET Educator of the Year

Three-time nominee WSET Educator of the Year.

One of only eight finalists from 2,500 WSET Educators worldwide!


See Erica accepting her Award at London’s Guildhall in the video below!

Enjoy Discovering Wine: award winning wine education for the hospitality industry, wine enthusiasts and students

Do you work or are you hoping to work in the hospitality industry? Would you like to further your career, boost your profits, or learn more about wine? Enjoy Discovering Wine can help.

A Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®) Award can help you to achieve your goal. Take the Wine Challenge now and Enjoy Discovering Wine (EDW) will show you how much you already know about wine.

All course levels would suit employees in the hospitality industry, wine enthusiasts, students studying for a degree in hospitality, and also superyacht crew. But the world of wine education is not an elite club. We have many consumers and individuals who attend courses with Enjoy Discovering Wine to further their knowledge, to learn more about food and wine pairing, and to have fun!

WSET® Level 1 Awards in wine, wine service and spirits – an introduction to wine, wine service, spirits, and food and wine pairing.

The WSET® Level 2 Award in wines and spirits – a more in-depth study of wines and spirits.

WSET® Level 3 Award in wines – provides skills to advise management and customers. Make informed selections of wines and spirits.

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